Bill 96: What’s that about?

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Bill 96 making waves across Québec - and for good reason. It’s the biggest expansion of French-language rights since Bill 101 in the 1970s.
Join us as we listen to Dr. Stéphanie Chouinard, specialist on federalism and judicial politics, break down the Bill and answer your questions. Y4Y will also present its concerns regarding the Bill’s impact on the English-Speaking Communities in Québec. 
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About Stéphanie Chouinard:

Stéphanie Chouinard is Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department at Royal Military College of Canada and Queen's University. She earned her PhD in Political Science at the University of Ottawa. She was the recipient of the Vanier (Doctoral) Scholarship, a SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship, and a fellowship from the Baxter & Alma Ricard Foundation. 

Her research focuses on the relationship between courts and minorities in democratic and federal systems. Her current research studies the Supreme Court of Canada's impact on the evolution of official-language rights and Aboriginal rights and their interaction with the federal system. She is also interested in territorial and non-territorial autonomy arrangements for linguistic minorities in the world. She has published in Ethnopolitics, the Language Rights Review, Language Minorities and Society, and the International Journal of Canadian Studies, among others.

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June 01, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7pm




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