You are Here: An Exploration of English-Speakers' Heritage, Culture and Communities in Quebec

Welcome to our registration page for our 2nd event, part of our You are Here: The Belonging Project. Alongside our Youth Cultural Ambassadors, we will be fostering an inter-generational conversation featuring youth and community organization representatives. Regions will paired with one another and discuss 3 topics: heritage, culture and community. This is an opportunity for regions to learn about one another, for organizations to network and provide support for one another inter-regionally.

During the event we will be pairing regions into breakout rooms. Each breakout room will have 2-3 Youth Cultural Ambassadors that will be animating a conversation about heritage, culture and community. Each breakout room will have community representatives from their respective regions and also youth. At the end of the event, our Youth Cultural Ambassadors will be summing up key points from the discussions and presenting them to the whole group. 

The event is expected to last approximately 1h30min. 



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As a Participant, I agree to the following: I acknowledge that any information I provide during virtual and phone meetings with project representatives may be used for various purposes in the context of the “You are Here” project. The information and personal experiences that I may share are intended to support the YCAs’ efforts to increase their peers’ knowledge of local English-speaking community heritage and history.

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Note to Participant: If you have any questions about the “You are Here” project, or any concerns please contact Holly Nadeau, Project Coordinator, Y4Y Quebec, (514) 612-2895, 5964 av. Notre-Dame-de-Grace Suite 204,Montreal, QC, H4A 1N1.



December 17, 2020 at 6:30pm - 8pm



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