Priority-Setting Summit Project

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We are very excited to announce that the second edition of the Priority-Setting Summit Project (PSSP) will be happening in person in Montréal on November 13-14, 2021!

The primary goal of this project is to mobilize and increase civic engagement among Québec’s English-speaking youth while providing them with the tools necessary to develop strong leadership skills for the future.

During the Summit, the participants will be divided into teams to work on the elaboration of Strategic Plans based on the key issues identified by the Youth Advisory Committee. This will help build the ultimate goal of PSSP, which is to develop a 5-year Strategic Plan to positively impact outcomes for English-speaking youth.

The schedule will be packed with learning opportunities via educational workshops, appearances of special guest speakers, youth leadership training, mentorship, and networking activities.

The spots are limited, so don’t wait too long to register if you want to have the opportunity to participate!



Day 1 - Saturday, November 13, 2021


9:00 -
Welcome and registration of participants - (Room 4C.1)

9:30 - Speech by Project Coordinator, Émily Bérard, and Youth Advisors, Charlotte & Daniel - (Room 4C.1)

9:40 - 
Opening Remarks by Sameer Zuberi (see full bio) - (Room 4C.1)

9:55 - 
Explanation of the Summit’s schedule and rules - (Room 4C.1)

10:00 -
 Workshop 1: Mobilizing Change by Youth Advisory Committee members - (Room 4C.1)

11:00 - 
Break (snack bar) - (Room 3C.1)

11:15 -
 Workshop 2: So, what’s the plan? by INM  - (Room 4C.1)

12:15 -
 Regrouping Session - (Room 4C.1)

12:30 -
 LUNCH - (Room 3C.1)


13:30 - Presentation of the 6 key themes by Charlotte & Daniel - (Room 4C.1)

13:40 -
 Division into teams by themes & Explanation of Workshop 3

13:50 - 
BREAK - (Room 4C.1)

14:00 - Workshop 3: Building a Strategic Action Plan (Assigned Classrooms)

15h45 -
 BREAK (snack time) - (Room 4C.1)

16h00 - Last hour of the day to work on the plan - (Assigned Classrooms)

17:00 - 5 à 7 - Networking - (Room 3C.1)

19:00 - End of Day 1

Day 2 - Sunday, November 14, 2021


9:00 - Welcome and registration - (Room 4C.1)

9:30 - Welcome back + Explanation of Day 2 - (Room 4C.1)

9:45 - Workshop 4: Hour of counselling with a Community Leader  (Assigned Classrooms)

11:00 - BREAK (snacks) - (Room 3C.1)

11:30 - Revisiting the Action Plan (review & finalize & practice)

12:30 - LUNCH - (Room 3C.1)


13:30 - Keynote speaker speech : Thierry Lindor (see full bio) - (Room 4C.1)

13:45 - Q&A with Thierry - (Room 4C.1)

14:00 - Break - (Room 4C.1)

14:15 -
 Workshop 5: Presentation of the Action Plans & goals  (10-15 minutes per team) - (Room 4C.1)

16:00 -
 Closing Speech - Y4Y President Madeleine Lawler - (Room 4C.1)

16:15 -
 End of the Summit

- Please note that QR codes (both vaccine shots) will be required to attend. 


**Please Complete the Registration Survey on the following page.


November 13, 2021 at 9:00am - November 14, 2021


Dawson College


Émily Bérard ·


Lucas Ricciardi David Manznao Cecilia Eraso Caleb Owusu-Acheaw Shawna Lyonnais Manekha Gadiano-Dimaano Kingsly Andres Madeleine Lawler Christina Nancy Eyangos Rameen Ali Jael Opendo Hensly Jocelle Pedrosa Anita Annanack Tenisha Valliant Alelie Ocampo Sara LeTemplier Karlie Roberts Holly Campbell Alan Sibbald Farah Hamami Sanjana Verma Nemanja Gmitrovic Albert Nguyen Emily Hong Maria Kyres Susieanne Kudluk Marin Algattus Gimhani Costa Maria camila Velasco Boada Leah Hotte Mubshra Arshad Taiya Talbert-McSherry Cassandra Saint Jean Riley Dalys-Fine Jessica Wang abed sibai Sean Roufosse karen delage Yasmin Farah Peer Mohamed Kerfala Komara Elisa Xue Daniel-Jiajun Yu Hayley Campbell Samantha Candido Néhémie Kankolongo Maria Morais Nolan Godin Matthew Mulkern

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